Choosing the proper resource

I've finally decided to start doing something with that Azure subscription. Unbeknownst to me, what I wanted to do, I fired up the Azure Portal and was greeted with fairly well designed tool, or I rather say an environment.

Given my previous experience with Microsoft's products (*coughs* Windows and Office *coughs*) and effectiveness of their cloud solutions I was quite surprised that the portal wasn't an absolute disaster. To be honest, it really is not that bad, aside from the fact, that well it's proprietary and thus you have really no knowledge whatsoever what it does under the roof. Putting aside my strong belief in FOSS, however, makes it one of the better cloud services I've used (the best non-cloud service award would definitely go to Gentleman's Sock Club of PonoÅūkovice, but more on that maybe later in a totally unrelated post).

So back to the portal. I didn't have exactly any specific plan for my upcoming page except than I was eager to learn something new. At first I started to experiment with the thought of Kubernetes, but I soon abandoned that idea, because it was too complex and monolithic for my needs (sorry to any people using Kubernetes out there, I am sure it's great for someone's needs, but it just didn't tick my boxes for minimalist and simple). Therefore, managed Kubernetes instance was off the table.

And then I stumbled upon the thing it just so happens was ideal. I decided to go for a Virtual Machine, with which I will have freedom to do anything my heart desires. Couple minutes and clicks later my new VM was being deployed and as I wanted to try out something new, I went for FreeBSD.

It's a fairly "bare-bones" distribution, but that's what I like about it, well about the majority on *NIX distros. They are customizable to every last detail. It certainly ticks my imaginary satisfaction boxes. Resource chosen, now what's left is to decide, what to do with it.

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