Jakub's struggles with MSP

Sometime in January, I was informed, that promises indeed mean something in this world. After waiting for almost half a year (although, I wasn't very impatient, as I didn't see this as important), I finally received my invitation to MSP.

I wasn't and am not very informed about the importance of this program for IT-passionate individuals, nor about it's impacts on my life. All I can say, is I am person with Arch Linux on his computer, passionate about Linux, FOSS, basically the opposite of this big multi-national conglomerate. You could argue, that I probably shouldn't even be here and that I don't appreciate this amazing (as I have heard, it's amazing, but I have no judgement yet) opportunity. It probably wouldn't be that far-fetched. Despite all of this, I am keen to see how this will fare for me.

So far, I decided, to begin writing a blog (probably about security, privacy or 🦄), and hosting it on Azure, to which I was given 150$/month as a MSP bonus (thanks for that Microsoft). I felt a little bit obliged (a feeling I don't like so much, but well what else can I do, when you need to show progress) to use this technology stack. Normally I would go with my VPS, hosted by a nice little community of open-source enthusiasts. Not today! I am going to explore the Azure universe.

Throughout my journey I will write a little thought here and there, about it. Sometimes I will probably make a trip to other planets outside of the Microsoftverse. I still don't know how will this work out. Maybe I won't even lift-off. But firstly I need to try to build the rocket.

So cheers to building my first proper stack for hosting my site on Azure.